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Cimarron was born in 1979, created by the Saez Merino family as an alternative to the sister brand Lois.
In 1987 Cimarron got a makeover when Jean Elbaz created fun, sexy designs for the French market.
In 1988-89 Cimarron successfully launched “surteint”, an innovative denim, 100% cotton, soft to the touch, dyed in different colors and used for jeans and jackets.
In the early ‘90s, Cimarron became the biggest success story in the female jeans market by introducing stretch jeans.
With this style, Cimarron was the first brand to break away from typical american vintage looks. Cimarron stands for fashionable, glamourous design.
The brand is sold all over Europe and is especially sought-after in japan.
In 2004, Cimarron introduced its own range for men and also offers a junior line in trademark Cimarron style.
In 2010, Benjamin and Michael Djeribi, the owners of the French brand  "Used Jeans", took over Cimarron and relaunched the brand with a new “surteint” concept in 70 colors, on its way to a new success story.
C'est aujourd'hui Benjamin et Michael Djeribi, fondateurs de la marque Used Jeans, qui retrouvent avec bonheur les fans de la 1ère heure, leurs filles et les autres, en déclinant une palette chromatique tendance, toujours dans l'air du temps, et en réajustant les coupes slims qui ont fait le succès de Cimarron.